Pro tip: if you want to learn about any social justice but don’t have time to do extensive reading, follow blogs that post what you’re interested in and just sit back and read it. Don’t ask questions, just sit back and work through it yourself and after 6 months to a year, you will have a pretty solid understanding of the ideas

"Don’t ask questions" Dissent will not be tolerated. Asking for clarification on a point will not be tolerated. You have no need to understand, just parrot what you are told. Do not think, regurgitate.

Was it hard to mentally dissociate “Don’t ask questions” from the rest of the sentence or does it come easily to you? Because last time I checked, context matters.

  1. You don’t get to mount argumentative attacks against something you don’t understand, it doesn’t work like that. If I tell you there’s the same amount of numbers between 0 and 1 as there is between 0 and 1,000,000, you don’t get to tell me I’m wrong because guess what, I specialize in math and you don’t. These social justice ideas are not just a tumblr fad and imaginary issues. So it is up to you to take a significant amount of time understanding the thought and theory so that you can engage with it and ask productive questions, not just questions that reflect your own childish misunderstanding
  2. It’s not up to other people to hold your hand through this process of self-education and answer your (probably elementary and overasked) questions. There are a thousand and one resources for learning about these things, go find them. And if you really feel disdain for learning about it on tumblr, go out and read some actual sociological articles and discussions on these things for 15 minutes a day. Yes, they exist, because these issues have been taken seriously by sociologists for far longer than tumblr has even been around
  3. Understanding is increased through figuring it out yourself

Good luck with fixing that Orwellian doublethink you have going there

The educational institution you attended must be very poor if you truly believe these things you wrote.

1) Yes, yes you do. This is commonly referred to as a debate. (Granted not a tumblr users strong-point but I digress. If you take a position, you must be prepared to defend that position. If you have superior knowledge and evidence, it is up to you to present that in a way that can sway minds. You do not get to pick and choose who attacks your position and must deal with any and all comers.

I appreciate the slight backpedaling with the addition of the qualifier “productive”. You must have missed “asking for clarification on a point will not be tolerated” in my response. Since you did not have the qualifier in your original post, one can only assume you were against all questions, hence the aforementioned statement.

2) Ah the classic “Not my job to educate you”, which is of course, very productive. See part one above. If you’re attempting social change, merely saying something once will not suffice. It will be a long slog through torrid times and yes you will have to face what you consider elementary questions. This reeks of laziness and arrogance on your part.

Tumblr social justice I find, at best, useless and at worst, destructive and highly damaging.

3) True, but everyone needs guidance. Asking questions also increases understanding or were you never taught this?

Please do not use Orwellian. You clearly do not understand what it means.

Good day.

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    1) Rhetorical question: How do you know someone has no understanding of a subject, unless they explicitly state it?...
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    Ad hominem is an informal fallacy and doesn’t detract from the actual logical flow an argument but whatever, it doesn’t...
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    I like you, random person.
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    1. No, you don’t. There are two key parts of cyclicalprocesses statement: “you don’t get to mount argumentative attacks...
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    shut dooooown OP. Shut down hard.
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    Don’t ask questions! Just listen! Don’t argue, either! It’s not my job to explain my views! Just accept everything we...
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    “Don’t ask questions” And that’s when all alarms should be screaming in your head.
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    I was thinking “start a cult”. They’re 95% of the way there already. Just set up a nice uber-PC pantheon that justifies...
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    Translation - Just do what I say and don’t question me, because I can’t back up any of my bullshit.
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